Thinking positively

These last few weeks have left me feeling pretty beaten down. And it feels like it’s all be building. Even the good things that have happened, haven’t been enough to really take the weight off the bad.

However, as tomorrow is a new month, and I’m down running my experiments, I know I need to start re-framing how I’m thinking. So I’m going to try, really hard, to think positively this week. And focus on the potential positives that can (and likely will) come out of it.

I’m going to focus on the fact that the data from my experiment isn’t completely bad. And that I’ll have a meeting with my supervisor this week to talk about it in more detail. And I think there might be something we can potentially publish. At the very least, this study will determine how we move forward.

I’ve got a couple of startup things this week. Today we find out if we move forward in one competition. I actually feel okay about this competition, because I feel like I’ll be fine with either outcome. Should we be moving forward, I think that actually guarantees us some prize money, which, while nice, isn’t essential. If we don’t, well, it just means a few more things we don’t have to do over the next month, and how can less stuff be a bad thing?

Also, we’re going to go out for dinner, with a gift card we won, and finally have a bit of a celebration on our hard work. Which is probably long overdue. And definitely needed and well deserved. This is also going to be one of the last times we have a chance to do this for a while, since one of my co-founders will be off on an internship for a few months.

I’m finally going to get around to checking off my “get a life” habit on HabitRPG, as I’m going to go to a concert this week. Which reminds me, I’m really out of the loop on all things music, so I should look up this band so I have an idea of what they play… But, as this is not exercise, and includes being social, and is not related to either the startup or my research, I figure that’s a success.

I know there will be twists and turns throughout the week. And that things likely won’t end up being all sunshine and flowers (not with expected highs near zero). But, I’m hoping that trying to approach things with a positive outlook will lead to a much less stressful week. At the very least, it’s worth a try.


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