Too many spaces

So, as of right now, I have four places on campus where I can officially work. Which seems like three too many. Although maybe two would be the right number? Or three? I don’t know…

Here’s some details on my four spaces:

  1. My official lab space that I get through my supervisor. I spend exactly 6 weeks in here each year. And only because I have to during the summer when I’m supervising a high school student. I don’t like this lab. Part of it is the people. Most of it is the layout. The chairs aren’t comfortable. The desk has this metal piece that goes most of the way down to the floor in the middle, perfectly situated such that you will continually hit your shins on it, and can’t sit with your legs straight out in front of you.
  2. My unofficial lab space that I got from asking another prof for space, because I loved the lab. The desks are big. The chair is relatively comfy. There’s rarely people in there (which means it’s quiet). I can sit by a window (yay sunlight and people watching) and I can control if the blinds are up. If I’m on campus, this is my preferred space.
  3. There has been a big push to do more entrepreneurial stuff on campus. And so I now have space to work that has been set aside for on campus startups. I’m mixed on this space. The good thing, is that we can work in here and not feel like we’re tying our product to the university (which is the risk of working in our labs on campus). And we’ve actually got a reserved desk! And the furniture is kind of funky. But, it’s also pretty loud – and that’s with not many people working in here yet. I’m in a “wait and see” phase on this space.
  4. A student group that I helped (sort of) get going this past year now has office space. And we have the goal of trying to keep people in there, such that we can leave the door out and be a “friendly face” within the department. It’s not really a workspace in the sense that I can leave stuff lying around (or would want to), but it is somewhere I can go sit with my laptop and do work.

I guess for now, I should be content on the fact that I’m lucky enough to have multiple spaces I can work in. As I know a lot of places don’t even offer one. Or, the space they offered doesn’t guarantee you a desk – you have to share with a bunch of others.

I just feel like each space spreads me out a little more. I feel like I need to be on campus more so that I actually spend time in each space (minus the first) so that whoever gave me permission to use it doesn’t feel like it’s wasted. And it means leaving stuff in various place, which means more wandering around to figure out where things are.

The “good” thing about all this, is there’s a possibility that I will lose space #2 in the middle of the summer, as the prof in charge of the space leaves. However, this is probably the space I’ll be saddest to lose. But, I guess I have a bit of time to figure out how to fit the two newer spaces (3 and 4) into my life.


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