Preliminary results are scary

Not because they’re bad. In fact, they look okay so far. But, I’ve only run ~20% of the people I’m hoping to get. So, there’s still a huge ability for the results to change and either become even better or become bad.

Today I’ll run through the next ~40% of participants. Which means I should have a clearer idea of the trend. And I just really hope it’s favorable.

I think this is the most stressful experiment I’ve ever run. And it doesn’t help that setting up last week it felt like Murphy’s Law was in effect. One computer was locked (someone had left themselves logged in) so I had to get the computer support people to unlock it so I could use it. Another had a blue screen of death. And a third had a problem with it’s fan. The support person was awesome, and managed to get all the problems solved about 8 minutes before I was about to start. But I was about to have a heart attack. Talk about stressful.

On top of that, knowing that if things don’t go well, will invalidate a ton of my research is also hugely stressful. I don’t know what would happen next, and it’s scary to think about this. And apparently this stress is catching. I actually had my mom tell me that now she’s stressing over it too. I feel bad about that – she doesn’t need any more stress either.

After last week, I was so dead this weekend. And managed to take Saturday completely off. But this wasn’t an exciting “take it off and do something fun.” It was more, I was so tired, that I stayed in my pjs, didn’t really comprehend anything I was doing, and spent most of the day sleeping, yet was ready to go back to bed at 8:30pm. Sunday I accomplished a lot more, including getting out for some exercise, buying groceries, making a meal, and a ton of work on our startup.

I miss when life was calmer – and I knew I just had to get through the week to have a break. Weekends rarely feel like breaks anymore.

In the meantime, please please please continue to send some luck my way. I should have all my experiments done by Friday – so I’ll likely post an update then. For Wednesday I’ll try to come up with a different topic.


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