Crash of Ineptitude

At a talk I was recently about startups, I was shown a graph very similar to the one below. Except it didn’t say Bachelors, Masters, PhD, or defense. However, it just seemed natural to re-label it to apply to grad school. And so that’s what we did.

graphThis “graph” is kind of painful. It just hits to closely to home. And, although I feel like I’m currently in the crash of ineptitude, I think I’m going to really find out where I am in a few weeks, after I run my experiments and start crunching the numbers. At that point, I figure I’ll be in one of two places – somewhere lower than the crash (that doesn’t yet exist on the graph) or actually climbing my way up the final mountain.

I debated with myself over where I should label myself. Because, it’s possible that the crash of ineptitude was actually last November/December when my two experiments failed. And that I’m actually in the wiggles of false hope. Especially after my supervisor said a few weeks ago that he thought I’d be finishing up in December (that was the hope) and then a coupe weeks later said he didn’t think I had enough yet (and the hope turned out to be false).

The graph is also kind of interesting, because it can be applied to multiple areas of life. Such as the process of creating a new business (which it was originally designed for) or progress of learning anything new. Which means that at any given point of time, you can be at the top of a mountain of happiness while also falling into the crash of ineptitude pit. Thinking about this, it’s not actually all that surprising that mental health problems exist so highly. It’s tough to survive one when area of your life feels like it’s bottoming out, and if you had more than one. Ouch.

Ah well. On the plus side, I actually did manage to do a big enough push this weekend to get my experiment to the testing phase (almost on schedule). And so am now in the send it out and then fix reported issues mode. Which should, theoretically, mean I have more “free time” this week. Of course, this week I have start up meetings scheduled on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Oh well. It’s all a learning experience. Just need to make it through March.


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