Goal: not achieved

Well, today’s the last day of February and I was unable to achieve my goal of having my experiment ready. And it’s not that I didn’t put in a lot of time on research this month. I’ve continued to hit my goal of four hours of productivity a day (during the week). And almost always this was done on research. I usually didn’t let myself work on the start-up until I had already hit this goal for the day.

But, there are a few of reasons I was unsuccessful:

  1. I struggled with focus. Problems that should’ve only taken an hour tops, ended up taking double or triple that time.
  2. I ended up agreeing to do a series of meta reviews (ugh) and the process was completely disorganized. This meant I ended up spending way too much time on this task.
  3. Even knowing I wasn’t making progress fast enough, I took weekends off. I still think this was the right decision, but it does mean I had a lot less time to work.

I’ve been pushing pretty hard the last couple of days to try and get things finished. And I have made noticeable progress. But, there’s still a 0% chance I can finish today. There are too many small details that still need to be worked on. And on top of that, I am waiting on work from another – I can’t actually finish and completely test my work without it.

However, if I’m actually going to test my experiment in March (and this is pretty important that I do), then a couple of things have to happen. One, I need to get my experiment done within the next week, so that there’s a small period of time I can get friends to be my initial testers. Two, I actually get this work from my colleague within the next week – without it, my entire experiment fails. Eek.

I’ve got my fingers crossed, but was really hoping things weren’t going to be this tight this semester. I should’ve known it was unlikely that things would go smoothly.


2 thoughts on “Goal: not achieved

    • I’ve heard that too. But I’m finding with my research, doubling it is not enough. It needs to be at least tripled and likely quadrupled. 😦 (Which probably says something about my estimation skills… but I think it says more about the coding environment I’m stuck using.)

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