Eating well and grad school

I like cooking. And baking. And I like to eat (who doesn’t)? But, I hate that I’m always cooking for one, because it makes things difficult. Recipes are not designed for one person, which can mean a ton of leftovers. And, while I don’t mind eating leftovers, i draw the line at eating them for lunch and dinner for the next three plus days.

All of this ends up leading to the fact that it can be really difficult to eat well as a grad student. Because while it is not easy to cook for one, it’s also really difficult to buy groceries for one person. What do I mean by this? Well, food is often cheaper (per 100g) when bought in larger sizes. Which means, either getting a ton of something that you can’t possibly eat before it expires. Or spending more money. Neither of these is ideal.

I go through spurts where I cook a lot, and therefore eat pretty well and when I don’t cook at all. Currently, I’m in the later. Well, mostly in the later. I’ve been making granola (based on this recipe), which means I know what I’m eating for breakfast (granola + yogurt). However, that’s where my planning currently falls apart.

My fall back meal (for breakfast, lunch or dinner) is cereal. So I almost always have cereal and milk in my place. I find the below PhD comic very true to my life, just cereal not noodles.

PhD Comic

I’ve been involved in so many meetings and events recently, that I’ve been eating out a lot more than normal. This can be easy and often tasty, but generally not healthy. My main choices seem to be Taco Time, Subway and Edo. Events generally supply pizza, which I generally am not a huge fan of.

I am working on eating more fruits and vegetables. Because I know, that healthy eating is not just about staying healthy. It’s like exercising, for me. When I’m eating well, I just feel better. Which makes it easier to concentrate and get work done. But even knowing that, it still remains a difficulty. And something I need to start making more time for.

Do you have any simple and healthy recipes that you rely on? Or do you find yourself turning to fast food/campus food, and quick meals like cereal and noodles?


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