Stop putting stuff on my calendar!

All I want, is to have some days (one please?) without anything on my schedule. Days where I can just work. I was really hoping, to make Monday and Thursdays those days. And then, everyone else decided to not agree.

It started with my supervisor, who decided, last minute, to put more meetings on my calendar last week (and I didn’t even get consulted). And this week. And the one this week, sucks, because it’s an evening presentation thingy, that makes my evening a write off (and leaves no time for dinner :(). Then, we’re in the middle of another chair search for the department, so I’ve got those talks to attend (okay, I don’t have to, but it’s good to go to these things), and one is Thursday.

On top of all these unexpected (and unwanted meetings), it turns out there’s a zillion talks, presentations, pitch sessions and other stuff constantly going on for start-ups. And, since we actually do want to try to make a go of it, and we haven’t been involved in this community before, it’s important that at least some of us, if not all of us, make an effort to go to these and network. And, I’ll admit, that I’ve probably been the worse at this (yet it still takes up so much time).

I get, that it’s important to network. And to be involved in the grad student/faculty/departmental community. And the start-up community. And doing outreach. And everything else that comes with meetings. But man, do they ever make it hard to just get work done.

Right now, I’m looking forward to a few weeks from now, when my supervisor will be away for a week. Because, it means that week, I have two meetings that have been canceled. Right now, that week is looking empty (meeting-wise). I really hope it can stay that way, because by then, I’m sure I’ll be panicking about whether I can get everything done so I can be ready to test in March.


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