Stress, work and a “me” snowman

The other day I was metaphorically patting myself on the back for dealing with stress so well this year. Of course, then this week happened. And that’s all gone out the window. šŸ˜¦

What bothers me the most about all of this, is that it wasn’t like I consciously “freaked out” or was thinking “oh no there’s too much stress.” Instead, I got good news, that led to me somehow completely tensing up and my shoulders/back/neck has been killing me since. And I know it’s stress, because this is where I’ve always “stored” stress – leading to terrible tension headaches – which I don’t want.

And I blame it on the good news, because I don’t know what else happened this week to cause this. Everything has actually been going pretty well. I’ve been coding away and making reasonable progress, and still managing to keep my codeĀ much cleaner than it was before. I’ve even had a chance to work on some math this week (I have a formula I can put in my paper!!!) and while there’s been a lot of back and forth, I think I may finally have the solution (thanks friends-who-are-better-at-math-than-me). I got a polar bear to ride on Habit RPG (and got hit by a snowball – I looked awesome!).

I'm a snowman!!! (From Habit RPG)

I’m a snowman!!! (From Habit RPG)

So, of course because things are going well… that’s always when stress hits. Right? Ugh. I might actually have to cave/splurge and get a massage at some point. I’ve gone climbing and to an exercise class in hopes to “work it out” but so far, no luck.

I even made sure that I had two entire days free of meetings this week. Which has been really good for my productivity. It’s amazing how much more you get done while sitting in your pajamas and knowing no one needs you to be somewhere specific. I’m going to try and keep those two days free going forward. It won’t always work (I already have a talk I should attend on one of them in a couple of weeks). But knowing how much it helps to have them, will keep me motivated to fight against scheduling meetings on those days.

Next week I need to start working on an ethics application. Ugh. Now that’s always stressful.


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