Good news can be overwhelming

So I got some great news yesterday. Surprising news. But great. However, now I just feel overwhelmed.

Our start-up has won some money. We had entered a business plan competition that now feels like it was years ago (although it was on back in November) and we just received the results. And with the prize, comes some cash. A lot of cash (at least to us). But a lot of cash with a lot of restrictions as to how it can be spent.

This news is overwhelming for two reasons:

  1. We had just decided that we probably needed to slow down, because everyone was/is swamped with work. And so finding the time to actually do stuff has been difficult. Now, of course, it feels like we need to move faster.
  2. Our main list of expenses (should we have money to spend) are pretty much all on the restriction list. Minus a few small expenses, which take up less than 1% of what we’ve won.

Also, now that we’ve done well in this competition, it means we’re eligible for the next competition. Which means more work. More editing of our business plan. More pressure to have a working demo.

And, of course, at the same time, I’m in a rush to try and get my experiment and everything sorted out so I can get it tested this semester. A rush, where I’m trying not to rush, such that my code ends up cleaner and easier to follow this time. And, more importantly, hopefully has fewer bugs.

Why does it feel like there is little good news that you get that doesn’t require t you to do anything, but be happy about it?


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