Meetings, meetings, and more meetings

My week can be summed up by “I attended meetings.” Oh, and read some papers. But meetings killed a ton of time this week.

There’s something odd about meetings. I don’t know about you, but every time I have a meeting, I seem to lose double the amount of time. For example, an hour long meeting somehow ends up costing me at least two hours. Whether this is through travel time, or chatting with others before/after the meeting, or trying to decompress after meetings. So even though between Tuesday to Thursday I had over 7 hours of meetings, which should be mostly a drop in the bucket, I felt like I could barely fit in anything else.

Almost every single meeting I’ve attended has been mentally draining. Discussions to try and come up with a new plan (we at least have a bit of an idea now). Discussions on how we want to re-create a whole system (which involved a lot of back and forth and around and around).

In fact, the only reason I’ve managed to read papers this week, is because I haven’t let myself go to bed without finishing at least one. Yay for exciting nighttime reading. And the really crappy thing, is that I’ve already come across enough new papers to read, that my list is still the same length. I hate tasks that you never feel like you’re making any progress on.

Anyway, next week is already shaping up to be full of meetings. When am I suppose to do actual work?


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