I should be easing back in

So, I really should be back at my research. It is January, and campus has been open since yesterday. But, I haven’t. Well, I might have by the time you read this. But I didn’t do anything yesterday.

Instead, I played around with learning iOS development (Objective C is confusing), ran a bunch of errands, and lounged around. A good day if you ask me. 🙂 But nothing remotely related to my research (unless for some reason we decide I need to write an iPad app).

Today, I do have to venture to campus for a meeting. It’s not specifically a research meeting, as it’s for a student group I’m involved in. But at least I’ll be back on campus. And on Saturday I’ve got a meeting with the rest of the group I’m working on the start-up with. But that’s also not specifically research.

I don’t have a good excuse as to why I’m not working yet. I have papers I need to read. I have the (failed) experiments to write up, so I don’t forget what happened and what the results say. I’ve a couple emails I need to write. I even have a bunch of ideas on how I want to re-work some of my earlier code – stuff that doesn’t require me knowing what my next experiment will be to get started on.

One of my emails is to my supervisor. Because I need to start figuring out what the project will be, and I think I need a meeting to help put me in the right frame of mind. I will see him next week, as we have our group meetings starting up again. But that’s not until later in the week, and I know January is going to end up flying by. Which means if I want a project before the end of the month, I need to get on it asap.

So, my goal for today, is going to be to write that email and schedule a meeting. Hopefully for Monday, maybe Tuesday. And then, starting next week, to get back on track.


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