I wish I published in journals…

For only one reason, no make that two. 1) They generally having rolling deadlines, as they publish multiple times a year. 2) They allow for longer papers, which gives you a chance to fully explain what you’re doing and the related work.

I find publishing in conferences has two main negatives. Probably not surprising, it’s the opposite of the two I mentioned above. First, since conferences generally only happen once a year, you end up always in this weird situation where you don’t have a research schedule based on actual progress and with reasonable timelines. Instead, you end up frantically trying to run experiments, and fix bugs, and analyze data in time to write the paper before the deadline. A deadline that may mean not analyzing data correctly (or, more likely, not as thoroughly as you would like) because you just don’t have time.

Second, because of page limits, you end up with a conundrum. You either a) focus on explaining what you actually did and take away space from related work and motivation or b) focus on mentioning all possible related work and motivation, and then not being able to actually explain fully what you did.

My research group is working to submit a couple of papers to a conference and the deadline is looming. I’m (thankfully) only working on one of them. It’s actually one of the papers we submitted earlier this year and got rejected. So we’ve just been re-working it. Of course, everyone has been so busy this year we haven’t had much time to work on it, and are now up against the deadline.

As I having been feeling less and less interested in academia lately, I do have to say, one of the potential highlights for *not* continuing, is not having the frustration of having to publish hang over my head. But, one of the downsides, is I’ll miss the conferences. Because I always meet interesting people and learn cool new things there. So hopefully whatever I end up doing (whether it be with the current start up, or somewhere else) I’ll still be able to justify attending conferences (even without publishing).


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