And I thought grad school was a lot of work

So, I usually feel overwhelmed and super busy during grad school. Minus those few periods of time when I’m in a lull between parts of my project. However, I’m not sure I’ve ever been so busy before. Which is kind of startling. And overwhelming.

We’ve been working on creating a short business plan. Which means wrapping our minds around a lot of foreign terminology and fighting our instincts to write like an academic paper. It’s about playing with numbers that have no meaning and no real formula and then trying to explain how you came up with it. Which really boggles my mind and I find ridiculously hard to do.

But, I’ve been on campus late both Monday and Tuesday this week working on everything. I’ve put in over 16 hours on the business this week in only two days! Yikes! And I still had a research meeting to go to.

Of course, part of the push and craziness right now is the looming deadline for the business plan. Of course, it’s not like things will just become easier next week. As we meet with a couple of groups to look at what our options are going forward and talk about things like incorporating and shareholder agreements. And then we need to do a huge push on getting a prototype up and running.

So I think I get to dive into doing some research into algorithms that are not at all related to my work. But should be fun, because I’m much more interested in this work right now, than anything I’ve been doing. And I’m kind of hoping this break may make my own research sound and feel more interesting again when I have to get back to it.

But, for now I’m taking it one day at a time. This rush, too, shall pass. Right? (Or at least it will for a few days at Christmas…)


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