Break time… well soon, not quite yet

Well, I had the conversation with my supervisor. And it actually ended up being a lot easier than I though and he was in quick agreement that I should take a break. It’s one of those 20/20 hindsight moments, where you wonder why you were nervous about asking in the first place. But, it’s done. And, I’m going to take most of December off, once we get past the current paper deadline.

This became even more important for me, because after doing the preliminary data analysis of my experiments last week, the out come really couldn’t have been any worse. Well, that’s not true – it could have all fallen in favor of the one we thought was worse. Instead, all the results were not significantly significant. And so there were no conclusions we could draw from the results, except that something was wrong.

Of course, this now means back to the drawing board. Which in turn means the end has moved farther away. But, I need to look over what happen and figure out what we did wrong, and what we should change and how to change it. So that’s my goal for the next couple of weeks until my break.

We (my supervisor and I) actually came up with a bit of an idea already. But, it’s not fully figured out yet, but it does mean that I’m not starting with a blank page. Instead, I’ve got a bit of a starting point to work from. And lots of hours ahead of me to spend thinking.

I’m just hoping that whatever we decide on doesn’t end up being really hard to actually implement. Or time consuming.


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