Grad School Nightmares

I was watching Numb3rs the other day on Netflix, and there’s an episode that starts with a guy shooting up the FBI offices. And Charlie, while freaking out and cowering on the floor, reaches up onto the desk above him to grab his laptop, and then hugs it like it’s a teddy bear for comfort. And I had to chuckle to myself, because this reminded me of a nightmare I had the other day (which I’m glad is funny now).

I’m generally one of those people who rarely dreams. And, when I do, I even more rarely have nightmares. But, the other day I had my first grad school nightmare. I guess I’m pretty lucky that it took over 6 years for that to happen.

In my nightmare, there was a giant sinkhole next to my apartment building. And it was slowly, but steadily, encroaching on the building, and so we’re all evacuated. In the initial evacuation, I had grabbed my laptop. However, we’re now realizing that we might not get to rescue anymore of our belongings. And I’m just fully freaking out. I need my old laptop. And my external hard drive. I can’t afford to lose my work! No no no!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!

Yeah, definitely funnier when you’re awake and realize it’s not real. And also kind of sad to realize that your only concern is for items that may have work you haven’t published yet. Gotta get that degree. Screw everything else. 😛

Have you ever had nightmares about grad school? Were they at least funny when you look back at them? Or still terrifying? I’m just glad it was about a very bizarre situation that is very unlikely to ever happen (Canada, unlike Florida, is not known for sinkholes).


One thought on “Grad School Nightmares

  1. I am currently in graduate school becoming a clinical therapist. I just had a nightmare that I had a psychotic episode outside of my classroom (disorganized speech and behavior). I started pacing in my pajamas and talking to myself in the parking lot while my cohort watched from the upstairs class window and tried to get someone downstairs to help me. My teacher finally told me to go to a psychiatric hospital and that I couldn’t stay in the program. Yikes! I woke up sad and panicked. I think my real problem is anxiety! Did I mention the first part of my dream leading up to that was about writing my research paper?? I was trying to explain the effects of early relationships on infant brain development and attachment before my breakdown! I feel for you! If there had been a sink hole I would have saved my laptop too!

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