Putting yourself out there

This goes well with Wednesday’s post on bragging about your work. And it’s sort of the other half of it.

Sometimes, the problem with bragging (or potential problem if you overthink things like me) is that you worry that a) no one else will care or b) that people will just tear you to shreds and tell you how worthless your project is. Which is a terrifying thought. And even knowing how to explain the motivation of your problem, and how to convince people of it’s importance, it’s easy to fall into this fear. Which is why, sometimes you just need to put yourself out there.

This has happened to me twice recently (maybe three times actually). The first, was when I was asked to do a screen test to potentially participate in a project at my university. Looking at the other names that were invited, I didn’t feel I had a chance and thought “why bother?”. That it would be a waste of my time. However, I decided that the experience itself would be worth it alone, whether or not it worked out (and it didn’t). And I was right. I got a chance to meet another grad student who getting a MFA in media studies and was working with everyone to help us get a bit more comfortable in front of a camera. She was helping everyone do the best they could. I’d never have met her, or had that experience, if I didn’t at least try.

The second time, was that I got an invitation recently to participate on a panel at a conference at my university. I’ve never been asked to speak before at something. And this is on a topic I’m not sure I’m super comfortable with. Except, that I should be. Because I’ve done some research on the area, and that’s why they chose me. Someone local who can say what *she’s* been doing. And so I’ve said yes. It’ll be scary and terrifying when I do it, but it also means, I’ll have had the experience and it’s one more line on my cv.

The potential third time, is this whole business competition thing (which I’ll talk more about in a future post). Some friends and I are entering a business plan competition. The stakes are pretty low for this first round. But each round you make it through, they get higher and higher. And I’m also getting more and more excited about it. However, if it wasn’t for the first friend saying, “hey let’s do this” I never would be even attempting this. And I’m sure it’s going to end up being a great learning experience, with the potential for some cash prizes (yay).

Anyway, I’m known for overthinking things. Which is what makes putting myself out there a lot harder than it should be. But, the more I do it, and the more great experiences I have, the easier it’s getting. So, I challenge you to say yes, the next time you’re faced with a situation you’d normally say no in (within reason of course :P).


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