Back to normal routine (what is that?)

Well, the trip is over. I’m finally back home with my own bed and my own shower and my own food. It’s great to be back!

Of course, now that the weekend is over, it’s also time to get back into my normal routine. Although, honestly, I’m not really sure what that is. I have a couple of meetings this week (as normal). But besides that, my days are generally very unscheduled. And so my normal routine has very little routine in it.

I imagine there are benefits to having a more specific routine. Like working certain hours of the day. Or being on campus for certain times and/or days of the week. And I probably should try to do something like that – start scheduling specific research times on my calendar or at least sorting out how I’m going to manage each day.

But I’ve tried that before. And I’ve been very terrible at following through. In the past, I’ve relied on to-do lists to help me focus during the day. That, and what I’ve told I’d have my supervisor done and by when. And it’s mostly worked. Adding in tools like RescueTime, I can track to see if I feel like I’m spending a reasonable amount of time on work.

However, I need to probably take a better look at what I’m doing. Because, at the end of the day, I feel like I’m not getting enough stuff done. And I know part of it, is that I’ve been so stressed with school. So that even when I am working, I’m not as productive as I should be because part of me is too focused on feeling like I’m not doing enough. I don’t know what the right answer is. De-stressing is probably a good start (but I haven’t been too successful with that).

However, I really haven’t done any work over the past few weeks I’ve been gone. So I do really need to get back to work, or the semester will be over and I won’t have had time to run any experiments. Ah stress – welcome back.


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