Vacation time!!!

I am so happy to be on my actual vacation part of my trip for two reasons. One, I know finally have reliable internet access (it was terrible at Grace Hopper and equally bad at the place we stayed). And two, I get to eat normal healthy home cooked meals. With veggies. And fruit. Yum.

However, now that I have reliable internet, I also have the burden of needing to get work done. And not a ton of time to do so without being reclusive and hiding in a room. They do go to bed relatively early, so I should have some time in the evenings. But I also do want to socialize and actually spend time with them, so outside of that, it’s not so easy.

I would really like to get my experiment changes sorted out. And on my first plane ride last week, I even spent enough time sorting out what I think the rest of my changes should mostly look like. So it’s really focusing and sitting down and following through. Sounds easy – but I’m still really tired from the conference (so much running around combined with so little sleep).

However, I’m not going to (or at least I’m going to try not to) let it bother me and stress me out. Worst case, I push really hard once I get back and am in the comfort and solitude of my own apartment. It’s not the end of the world if it isn’t done now. It would just be nice.


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