Conferences and Vacation

Conference time! I’m at Grace Hopper now, after a long day of travel. However, now it’s time to “relax.” And by relax, I mean run around like crazy, helping to man our university booth, attend sessions, and hang out and have fun. But I’m looking forward to it. 

Just a reminder, that I’m gone for almost three weeks! As I’m going directly from the conference, to see my sister and her family, before attending a second conference. I do plan and hope on continuing to update this blog while I’m gone. But, that will be contingent on having reliable internet access and time (the time is probably the more iffy one of the two). 

I’m excited about some of the sessions I’ll be attending at Grace Hopper, and so I’m hoping to maybe blog about them. Of course, that’s assuming that they ‘inspire’ me. 🙂 I’m specifically looking forward to the talk this morning with Sheryl Sandberg, Maria Klawe and Telle Whitney. Hopefully it lives up to the hype. 

Anyway, if you happen to be at Grace Hopper, you should send me an email or write a comment and maybe we can actually meet. Otherwise, maybe we’ll just meet in passing and never know. 😛

While I think the trip will be a lot of fun, I also know I’ll be super excited to finally get home and see my own bed and have some time to myself. Let the whirlwind begin.


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