Keep on testing…

I’m at my favourite phase of getting my experiment ready. And by favourite, I mean most dreaded. Although, it is one of the most informative phases, and so super important. The pre-experiment testing phase.

I’ve sent out my first round of “please please please try my experiment” emails. I’ve had two testers so far (yay) and still waiting for a bunch more. And I still have a list of people I can invite. However, I’m waiting for a few more people to try the current version before I send the next set.

So far, my two testers have sent a lot of corrections. Mostly small, which have meant they are easy to fix (thankfully). A few typos (and I’ve found even more correcting those). And some important bugs that killed the experiment if encountered (yikes).

But a couple of them are things I was thinking about already (and worrying about already). So it’s a bit more worrying to know that others may have noticed them as well. I’m trying to keep from panicking about them. Telling myself I need to wait and see what comes back from the others. If more people notice it. And what happens when I look at their results (as in do their results match what they think). 

I also have to focus on the fact that at least I’ve finally made it to this stage. Because after this stage, comes the actual data collection (although, with my conferences/vacation this likely won’t happen until late October/November). And after the data collection, there’s analysis and (hopefully) a paper. Yay!


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