Summer – come back

I can’t believe we’re already into the final week of summer (or at least summer break). I know that many universities in the states have already gone back (I really don’t get the quarters thing), but for most Universities in Canada, the fall semester starts the week after the labour day weekend (so next week). Which is way too soon.

I now have less than two weeks to get a talk prepared (approximately 45 minutes). I tried to work on it last week. Really, I did. I just couldn’t stay focused and so ended up switching to other work where I would at least make progress (and did).

But, that means this week I need to start seriously focusing on the presentation. Because I also need time to practice. And I have multiple meetings and events next week that will take up even more time before the talk. So let’s really hope the motivation kicks in.

I also need to still get my experiment ready for users (and start running a trial with some friends to check it out). I’ve got my dissertation document to work on. And other stuff, that for now, I’m putting off because they just aren’t quite as high a priority (or can’t be, with the first stuff on my list). But, I’ve got a few really busy weeks ahead of me (well, semester really).

However, even with my crazy schedule ahead of me, I took this past weekend off. Not really on purpose. It more just worked out that way. I ended up helping a friend move on Saturday, followed by a planned event with my sister. Then, on Sunday I went shopping (more browsing) with my sister. By the time I got back, I got sucked back into a video game I started playing on Saturday (vvvvvv). Turns out to be surprisingly addictive (which I was warned about). And it felt great to be doing something not school related and that was really just for fun. (Don’t download/start unless you a) have time to waste and b) like puzzle type games.)

I think this is going to be a week full of pomodoros.


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