Stop the world. I want to get off.

Okay, I know and have known for a long time now, that I need a break. I’ve felt like I’ve been pushed past my limit months ago. And I don’t feel like I’ve managed to get that break. And looking forward I don’t see any real breaks anytime in the near future.


I’ve got two studies that I want / need to run this fall. However, while I have ethics approval for both, neither is in a current stage where I could just get participants and run it. Both still require a fair amount of work. I have decided to just focus on one at a time, but that doesn’t keep the idea of the other one from weighing on my mind. Also, as soon as the first one is done, it’s not like I get a break, I’ve got to start running it while also working on getting the second one ready.

I’ve got a seminar in a couple of weeks that I need to start preparing for. Thankfully, I’m going to start by using a presentation I’ve used before and modify it. But, that presentation was about half as long as this one needs to be. And there’s a lot of new information to include (which is good, as it will take up some of the time), but I also need to sort of shift the focus of the talk (which means re-doing most of what I already have). I’ll be really happy when this is over. But first I need to actually start on it. The date is set, some (the important ones) have already been invited. I can’t back out now.

October is going to be a crazy month of travel. I already mentioned that I’ll be at Grace Hopper (anyone else going?), which covers the first week. I’m planning a trip for the following week to possibly see family (which, as most people get, is really not a vacation), and then another conference the week after that. Which means three weeks of not being home, of not sleeping in my own bed, and not making my own meals. It’s going to be a long three weeks. I’m actually semi-tempted to add an actual vacation on to the end of this trip. But I’ll have to see how things go.

While doing the above, I also need to figure out what else I need to get done before I can seriously start focusing on writing up and thinking about graduating (which brings a whole other level of stress and scary thoughts to mind). AHHHHHH!!!!

Oh, and did I mention I’m highly involved in setting up a new student group on campus? Yeah…


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