PhD != bad person

I’m sick of being judged by people based on the few (if any) people they have known who have a PhD. These are the people who, once they know you’re working on your PhD, start to tell you about all the people at their work with PhDs and how useless and/or terrible they are. That people with PhDs act like they’re better than everyone else and/or they have no practical experience.

And I get that some PhD students/grads are knowledge snobs – that they think that anyone with less education is “beneath them.” I also know that there are a surprising number of PhD students who have never held a job before (besides TA-ing).

Having a PhD doesn’t make you a better person, but it also doesn’t make you a worse person.

Let me be clear – I don’t think that having a PhD makes you better than anyone else. I don’t think that having no job experience at 25 is something you should be proud of (and I don’t count being a TA the same as having a job).

I believe that we need to start appreciating everyone for the skills they bring to the table – whether it’s their ability to weld, to read, to analyze, to cook, to clean, or to build. The number of years one spends in school should not be tied to how worthwhile you see them.


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