Okay, only sort of. And not yet. But I’m going to take a long weekend – one that extends into both this week and next. Which just makes it that much more awesome, because it means a short week this week and a short week next week. 🙂

I’ve bee feeling, for months now, like I really need a vacation. And this is a very welcomed relief. Although, it won’t be as much of a vacation as I really want (which would be to actually go somewhere new and see something new). Instead, I’m getting together with family. Which is good and bad – good to see them, bad in that these trips rarely (never?) end up being relaxing. Which is also why it’s good that both weeks are short.

Of course, that also means I need to put in a lot more time and effort during the first half of this week, to make up for not being able (or more accurately, not wanting) to put that time in later. And same next week. But, I’ve been struggling to maintain focus by the end of each week, so it’ll probably be easier knowing I have to stay focused for less time.

The good thing is, that while I’ve got a lot going, I am making progress on all my goals. Although I only usually do any writing at the end of the week when I realize I haven’t done any yet. But, one day is more than none. And it’s been helpful to go over what I’ve done and work it out in writing. I’ve even started writing up a bit about what I’m doing now, which is a good way to think over your experimental design in advance (which definitely doesn’t hurt).

I’m hoping to give a talk near the end of August, so I need to start putting a plan together on what I’ll include and talk about. And then work to figure out a day where most of my supervisory committee will be able to attend.

But, to top everything off and to make things even better, the first weekend in August is a long weekend (stat holiday), so I actually get three short weeks in a row! Yay! (And that one I can actually just doing nothing if I want.)


2 thoughts on “Vacation!

  1. Some times, I think we scientists are crazy… The idea behind holidays is that you get to relax a little, without having to feel like “you have to make up for it”… Unfortunately, I also always feel like I should work like crazy to make up for lost time =/

    Enjoy the time off 🙂

    • So true. We are definitely conditioned to feel that any time not at work is time we need to make up for – especially as grad students. Kind of odd, considering I technically am not being paid to put in any specific number of hours (I’m still on scholarship, not RA/TA). Sigh.

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