Freezing Lab

One of the reasons I dread having to spend my days in the lab, is because it’s kept so cold. Seriously. I will freeze wearing jeans, sneakers and a sweatshirt.

We have had temperaturs ranging from lows of around 18 to highs well over 30C this week. Outside. In the lab, we’ve been apparently at 20.5C, But I don’t believe it. Not with the fact I can’t stay warm.

At home, if I’m cold, besides turning up the heat, I find my laptop makes an excellent lap warmer. 🙂 But, I have a few different places I can sit where having my laptop on my lap is comfortable. With my chair in the lab, there’s no choice but to sit normally at a desk. 😦 And the chairs don’t have high backs (no surprise), but it means I can’t even lean back to take a break. Instead I end up slumped over my desk (not a posture improvement).

I’m not actually a fan of eating outside. I hate bugs. Anything that creeps or crawls… ugh. And then eating outside involves bees (ouch) and mosquitos (scratch). Not my idea of a fun time. But, I’ve had my lunch outside every day with the sole purpose of warming up so that I can hopefully survive the second half of my day.

There’s a talk today that I am interested in hearing. But, part of my motivation for going and not just watching it online live (or even streamed later) is that it’s likely warmer over in that building. Any excuse to get out of the lab and warm up.

One of the interesting (sort of) things about my lab, is that I’m in a building that is attached to a second one. And you can tell the moment you walked from my half to the other, because the temperature sky rockets. While we freeze over here, they boil. And to be honest, I’m not sure that’s really any better. At least I can bring a sweatshirt, and maybe even gloves or a hat to warm myself up. There’s not much you can do to cool down an area – fans only go so far.

What’s your lab environment like? Too warm? Too cold? Just right (in which case I hate you)?


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