Long Summer Days

The one thing I really like about living in Canada, is that we get these really long summer days. Most Canadian cities have over 15 hours of sunlight during the days leading up to the longest day of the year (last Friday). If you live in any of the Territories, you have the possibility of 24 hours of sunlight.

Of course, because we luck out with such long days, we also suffer in the winter from really short days, that can become as low as six hours in some of the major cities (or 24 hours of darkness in the territories). (This is one of the reason people like to complain about Canadian winters. Not only are they long and cold, but they are dark.)

But, right now I don’t want to think about winters (the cold, the dark, the snow). Instead, I’m enjoying the sunlight – when it’s not covered by clouds. It makes it easier to work longer hours, when you can still work with sunlight at 8pm. Which also means that you can go for a run at night, and able to see your way without street lights.

I’m looking forward to enjoying the sun during the long weekend coming up (Canada Day is Monday). Especially since next week starts my scheduled time on campus again. Where, based on the forecast, I’ll freeze all day and then boil all night (my apartment is like a sauna in the summer).

How are you enjoying your summer days? Do you have any plans that keep you outside of the lab?


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