Progress? Maybe? Hopefully.

I can’t believe we’re already at the end of May. That’s 1/4 of my summer already gone. And I feel like I have almost nothing to show for it. I’d say nothing, but that sounds even more depressing.

So, instead, I’m going to look back over the month and try to come up with what I have managed to accomplish, so that I can (hopefully) prove to myself, it hasn’t been as much of a disaster as I’m currently thinking.

  1. I went to a conference. It ended up being quite good. I saw some amazing speakers. Hung out with some great friends. And made some new connections.
  2. I found a problem with my experimental design, came up with a new plan, submitted the ethics amendment (and re-received approval). I have also finally been able to actually schedule in participants, and so should have some data to analyze by the end of next week.
  3. I have continued to toss around ideas for what to do next within my research. We have a bit of a solution right now, but it’s not perfect. But, that’s okay. At least I sort of feel like I’ve moved a bit further in clarifying and deciding on the next steps.
  4. We submitted two papers to a conference. Who knows if either will get accepted, but, at the very least, we now have versions of papers to work off of, if they don’t, and so that makes submitting somewhere else much easier.
  5. I’ve started another ethics application (I feel like this is all I do sometimes) for another study. This one isn’t for my research, but if it works and a paper gets written, I will be one of the authors on it.
  6. I’ve almost finished my scholarship application (I’ll probably finish it today), but it’s not due until next week anyway. Let’s hope I get it, as some guaranteed funding for the next year would be great.

So, all in all, the month could’ve gone a lot worse. I was really really hoping to have already done the experiments. I actually thought I’d originally run them last week. But, things didn’t work out. Between getting access to the participants and getting access to the lab, things have been really slow.

I was also hoping that I would’ve solved my “what’s next” problem last month, instead of still debating it. But, I keep reminding myself that it’s better to find something that makes sense, has a viable chance of working, and sounds interesting then moving forward too quickly with a half-baked idea.

I don’t know what my goals should be for June. Analyzing the data will be part, of course. But, that shouldn’t take too long, as the data looks relatively straight forward. Finalizing my next idea would be great – because that would also give me a clue as to what to do. And maybe getting back to that dissertation document I started, and continuing to flesh out the various chapters on the stuff I’ve already done.


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