News junkie

I’m a self-confessed news junkie. I love reading the news. And it’s usually the by far biggest time sink I have. Even when nothing exciting is happening, there I am hitting refresh, hoping for a new story, no matter how irrelevant it is.

However, this past week (anda  bit), I think the whole world (or at least a large part of North America) started staring at Canada in shock and disbelief with the whole Gawker article and surrounding controversy over the whole alleged video of Rob Ford (mayor of Toronto) smoking crack. Wow. This whole article (including the firing of his chief of staff yesterday has definitely been a train-wreck. Or, as one of the other councillors is quoted to have said in a Globe and Mail article:

“Right now, I would say it is a train crash. That’s the only way to describe it,” [Ms. Robinson] said. “It’s just one thing after the next. It’s not even daily any more it’s hourly. It’s becoming more and more disruptive.”

Of course, as if that wasn’t enough, we have the whole Harper-Senate-Duffygate mess going on as well. While I find it hard enough to believe Harper’s denial that he knew nothing about the payoff (he’s a notorious micromanager), what has bothered me more from all of that is that his anger/frustration seems to stem more from the fact that he wasn’t consulted than what happened. In his first replies to actual question (from Peru, of course) and the emphasis is my own:

I think what’s more important about this is that, not simply that I did not know, but that I was not consulted. I was not asked to sign off on any such thing and had I obviously been consulted or known, I would not have agreed with it.


I know Mr. Wright assisted him or did this for him, because he wanted to see the taxpayers reimbursed. That’s the right motive, but nevertheless it was obviously not correct for that decision to be made and executed without my knowledge or without public transparency.

Anyway, it has been one highly entertaining week to be living in Canada and embroiled in the political news. And trust me, these are only the two biggest news makers of the week. There was other stuff as well. Is it that much of a surprise that I didn’t make as much progress as hoped for?

Seriously, every time I looked at the news yesterday, I swear there was another breaking news story. From the boy scouts vote to the bridge collapsing to the Gawker crackstarter. Wow. So hard to look away.


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