Papers submitted.

Whew. Two papers submitted. So now it’s just the long wait to see what the reviewers say. And to find out if they get accepted.

Although, I think both papers have about a 40% chance of being accepted. It’s just not quite the right venue – but there also really isn’t a better one. At least, not one that’s a conference. So the hope is more about getting some good feedback then necessarily getting accepted (although I won’t be disappointed if they do get accepted).

However, the nice thing, is that both papers are, at least, one less thing to worry about and to work on. So I get a bit of a break from them. Which is good. Because I was getting ready to scream from frustration over working on them. Too much time staring at the same text and it feels like everything seems both wrong and right at the same time. It makes it hard to edit.

Also, I have a conference coming right up, and so I need to get on top of making my presentation for it. It needs to be short. And I usually end up running out of time in short ones. So I need to take some extra time making sure it’s short enough – possibly on the verge of too short, for when I end up adding some extra explanation at the last minute.

So far, May has brought nice weather and papers being submitted before the deadline (okay, only 1-2 days early, but still…). Maybe this will turn into a great spring/summer.


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