Reorganizing and redoing

I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning and re-organizing around my place. It’s been kind of nice. Putting up some new pictures. Finding permanent homes for stuff that is generally just lying around. Getting rid of extra clutter and stuff that I’m no longer using/wearing/needing.

However, along with doing the more obvious cleaning, I’ve also been spending some time doing some reorganizing of my research. From clearing out old files that no longer have any use. To making sure I have backups of any files that have any use.

The other major thing I’ve done, has been going over old data analysis and making sure I understand what was done and what the results are saying. This was particularly important for some data we decided to analyse in a different method after first publishing on it. And, to be honest, looking at what I had done last fall wasn’t very clear and easy to follow. And so, instead of trying to wade to deeply into the mire (got to love excel files with 8+ sheets and thousands of pieces of data per sheet), I decided to just redo the analysis.

By doing so, I accomplished two things. One, I now have some files that are very clearly laid out and much easier to understand. Two, I have a much clearer picture and understanding of what the data results are telling me.

In order to make sure I don’t lose any of those benefits, I’ve also been transferring the results and some analysis to my dissertation files (I mentioned this last week). And with that, I’m making sure to include notes as to what files these results refer to. Which will (likely) save me lots of time in the future when I’m trying to figure out what goes with what and from when.

Also, as this is the time of year where the semester is coming to a close and a new one is starting, it’s always a good time to figure out what I want to do differently or the same moving forward. And looking at what I can do now, to make things easier for myself in the future, seems like a great place to start.


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