Spring cleaning

I started spring ‘cleaning’ this weekend. Well, I guess you could say I actually started last weekend – when I reformatted my computer. But, I continued it this weekend.

I bought some new shelves and put them together (thanks Ikea), and a few new pieces to tidy up a different set of shelves (not so thanks Ikea, as these are turning out to be tough to install).  However, I have also come to the conclusion that there are way too many random objects in life that feel necessary but that never seem to be easy to store (or at least store in a way that looks tidy).

And, of course, like every adventure to ‘clean up,’ the weekend finished with my place looking even more disaster-scene-ish then before. I couldn’t be bothered to take out the cardboard packaging (because I haven’t finished removing it all) and I hate doing more trips then necessary. I went through a pile of clothes that I meant to go through months ago and sorted them into garbage and donate. Of course, they’re now sitting by my door, having yet to make it to either a donation spot or the garbage can.

And I never did get around to doing anything in my kitchen… Or on my desk (which is always the biggest disaster location of all). However, I suppose cleaning should be approached at the same way as research – broken down into small manageable pieces.

So, today, since I’m home for the day, I will make it a point to take out all the cardboard as well as the clothes to throw out. I’ll even unwrap all the pieces that still have their cardboard coverings, so I can take it out. And, it’ll be nice to actually be able to see my couch again. I’ll attempt to install another shelf covering, and if I’m feeling ambitious I’ll do both of the remaining ones.

And to make all these boring chores sound a little more appealing? I’ll remind myself that they’re way better than reading papers. So, with that thought, maybe I’ll manage a couple of loads of laundry as well. 🙂


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