Finally some forward movement

I finally got my ethics approval this week. And for two different experiments. So I spent much of yesterday finalizing the setup of one of them, and starting my recruitment of participants. It’ll be the first time I’m recruiting participants in this way (through some mailing lists I’m on), so it will be interesting to see how many people I manage to recruit. Hopefully more than one. 🙂 This one is all done online and is short, which should make some of the recruiting easier.

Next on my list, is getting the second experiment setup finalized (it’s super close) and applying for the participant hours I hope to get this spring/summer. And I’m really really hoping I can get enough hours there. Preferably, I’d get about 200 people per experiment. But it’s really hard to get that many. And a lot of work to run that many sessions.

It feels great to have the ethics approval done, because I feel like I’ve been in this weird limbo place – trying to figure out what to do next, but still not sure how things are going to turn out with what I’m (hopefully) finishing up. And so I know, while running the experiments and analyzing the results won’t move me forward in terms of deciding what to do next, they’ll at least confirm whether or not I’m done with my current stage.

Besides that, I’ve continued to do a ton of reading (over 40 references now) and am also starting to do a very rough sketch of my dissertation. I know I’m possibly 2 years away from needing it done, but I figured it’s something I can work on for now – specifically putting together sections on the work I’ve already done. And starting to turn my jotted notes on related work into more coherent paragraphs and sections. Even if I don’t end up using this document later, it should give me chunks of writing that I can move forward with. And, the hardest part about writing something is starting from a blank page, so having all these bits and pieces should definitely make it easier.

Oh, and only 36 more pomodoros to go to make my goal for this semester! I can do it!


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