StatsCan Survey

I received an email last week that I had been randomly selected to participate in the “National Graduates Survey, 2013 (class of 2009/2010)” and to expect a call sometime in the next couple of weeks. (I received my Masters in 2009.) Well, I received my call this week and dutifully answered all the questions.

The email about the study contained the following information.

This survey is designed to study many factors surrounding post-secondary education by examining:

• the relationship between the graduate’s program of study and the employment subsequently obtained
• job and career satisfaction
• the rates of under-employment and unemployment
• methods used to fund post-secondary programs
• other education taken before and after the program completed in 2009/2010

I’m really glad that they are doing research on graduate students and the outcomes of their programs. They asked a lot of questions – it took just over 30 minutes to get through it all.

  • They asked how much money I have received from scholarships and/or awards over the course of my time as a post-secondary student (so during my bachelor, masters and phd). It was kind of interesting to add up a rough estimate. A lot more than I was expecting. 
  • They asked about any work experience I had before starting my Masters degree. Where did I work? How many hours a week? How many months? How was I paid (hourly, salary, other)? (To be honest, I don’t remember most of that information – was it 35 or 40 hours a week?)
  • How did I pay for my education (earlier degrees)?
  • They asked why was I doing a PhD – however it was a multiple choice answer and didn’t really cover all scenarios. In the end I had to select “for personal growth.”
  • They wanted to know what I planned on doing next (academia, industry, other). Thankfully I was able to select more than one option here, since I don’t know what I want to do yet.
  • They asked about why I moved to where I am – did I move for the school or another reason (and then ended up at school here).

They did ask when I started my degree (year and month) and when I finished (year and month), so I’m hoping they’ll give out updated information on how long it takes students to finish. However, as the survey is of students who did graduate, unless they’re also doing another one at the same time of students who just enrolled, they won’t be able to update the completion rates information.

I look forward to seeing the results. However much I actually get to see. I did ask about that, and was told that it will be released in the StatsCan Daily in 2014 (great – just 365 days to check :P). Actually less, since they only release on working days. But I did subscribe to the rss feed, so hopefully I’ll catch it when it comes out. Also, I hadn’t heard of the daily before, and it’s kind of neat to see what type of information they release, well, daily. So should be an informative wait.


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