Plug for 750words

I’ve written before about But, I want to give the site another plug. Why? Because if you sign-up before May 1st, you’ll get a lifetime free-membership. After that, all new members will be required to pay $5-a-month.

Now, let me be clear, right off the bat, that I’m not saying the site isn’t worth $5-a-month. I would argue that it is worth paying for. But, I also know that a lot of us grad students are on tight budgets, and that $5 month might be needed other places. So, before you keep reading, go sign up

Okay. So why is 750 awesome? It’s awesome because, if you actually follow the goal, you write every day. It doesn’t matter what you are writing about. It could be a description of your day. Random thoughts on life. A section of your dissertation. Sections of a paper to publish. Brainstorming ideas about what to do next/where to go from here. The point is that you write every day.

Now, why is writing every day great? It’s great because it’s a skill that many of us as grad students (or even just in general) don’t practice enough. Especially those of us over in the sciences, where often our day-to-day activities don’t require much or any writing. Or any writing that’s more involved then jotting down short notes on an experiment. It gives you a chance to continue to work at your writing. To ‘flex that muscle.’ 

I’m on a huge streak right now (500+ days). And, actually one of the most exciting features I found on the site recently (goes to show that I don’t ‘explore’ it often enough, I just go to write) is that you can (if you’re a paying member, which I am now) pre-book time off. Which means not having to worry about breaking your streak because you’re away and don’t necessarily have reliable internet access. In the past, I’ve written on my phone from places like Starbucks, trying to get around this. (And trust me, 750 words typed out on your phone is way harder than using a normal keyboard.) So I’m looking forward to being able to use this, especially knowing I have a trip planned in May.

Anyway, if the idea appeals even a little, you might as well go sign up for an account now. And poke around a little. The concept is simple – write 750 words each day. But the feelings from actually doing so, can be incredibly powerful.


2 thoughts on “Plug for 750words

  1. Thanks for sharing this site! My supervisor always recommends me to write about my project every morning… she says that putting thoughts into words is a good way to realize if there is something you are missing… or just to let your brain talk for a while! It would also help to generate a lot of “rough material” so that at the end it is easier to write the paper… I think it can help… and it is even more important for non-native English speakers who have to write in English, as many science students. I know it would help but I always feel I have other “urgent” things to do…

    I’ve just signed up for an account and I will give it a try!

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