Articles on Productivity

It seems like recently I either came across or was given a link to an article about productivity. I meant to share them last week, but then got caught up in thinking (and writing) about length of a PhD. But, on the plus side, it means I didn’t have to think hard about today’s post. 🙂

In no specific order:

  • Smart Guy Productivity Pitfalls – I found most of the items in this list stuff I was definitely nodding along to with a “yeah, I’ve done that.” It’s a good reality check to think about the points and how you may have used them yourself.
  • How to turn guilt into productivity at work – I definitely have my list of tasks that turn into guilt ones. Those emails you know you need to write, but never seem to have the 5 minutes to do so. Or that paper you need to edit. Interesting idea of just putting it out there and then, either trading with others possible for some tasks) or all agreeing to focus on them at the same time. 
  • You’re distracted. This professor can help. – Mindfulness. I feel like I come across this word everywhere now. Mindfulness when eating. Mindfulness when exercising. Mindfulness when working. But as much as I’ve heard/read, I don’t do much of it. And I’m sure I could benefit. Especially since I often seem to have those days when there are a zillion tasks running through my mind and I can’t seem to focus enough on any single one to get stuff done.
  • 7 ways learning to draw can improve your productivity – this article compares what you have to learn in order to be able to draw (like embracing mistakes) and how that relates to being productive.

I hope you enjoyed/are enjoying a long weekend.


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