Random thoughts

Just a random collection of thoughts.

  • I’ve renamed the blog. You probably haven’t noticed. Especially since all I did was remove “Guide to” and left it as “Surviving Grad School.” I haven’t changed the actual url, because that causes problems. And, to have the old links still work, I’d have to start paying for the site. Not sure I want to do that (although I did look into getting survivinggradschool.com, but it’s taken). 
  • I took the weekend off. Completely off. Well, Saturday and Sunday. And I watched movies. And tv shows. I went climbing and to yoga. I made myself an actual meal. I just lounged around like a sloth. It was great.
  • Chocolate almonds are addictive. They’re just so much fun to eat. I strongly suggest you don’t buy a bag, because it’ll never last more than a couple of days. I’ve been gobbling them down this weekend.
  • I started teaching myself ruby on rails. Anyone have any experience? Recommendations? It took forever to get it correctly installed, but so far seems kind of interesting. Haven’t made it too far into learning, and it’ll probably now end up being put aside until next weekend.
  • I probably should’ve used some of my time this weekend to do some cleaning. My apartments a disaster. It so quickly ends up this way. I’d say tomorrow, but I know that’s unlike to happen as well. I should start a plan of one thing a day…
  • I’ve been working on my taxes. The odd thing about being a student and having scholarships not taxed, is that I’m both above and below the poverty line at the same time. As it seems to be determined based on taxable income, I’m well below. But, I’m actually pretty well above it when you count all my scholarships.
  • Why doesn’t Netflix easily identify movies/tv shows you’ve already watched on there? I can’t be expected to remember them all. And, for all the hype about its great recommendation system, the number of times it’s asked me to rate something I just watched only to tell me “I’m sorry, we don’t have any recommendations for you based on your rating” leaves me with some doubts.
  • How is it already the last week of March? Wasn’t it like yesterday that this semester was starting?! I’m no where near where I wanted to be for three months into the year. Yikes.

Anything random you feel like sharing?


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