One-on-One meetings

There’s something about meeting with people one-on-one that’s so completely draining. It doesn’t seem to matter how I feel when I walk out of the meeting, but 20 minutes later I’m just exhausted. Even if I’m excited and all motivated, or depressed and want to quit school, this seems to happen without fail. I don’t know if it’s the energy level required to make it through those meetings. Or the brain power. But something happens.

After one of these meetings recently, I had to wait around on campus for a bit and so planned on getting some work done. But I couldn’t seem to focus enough to ever manage to finish what I was doing. Which just made everything more frustrating. It was like trying to work but my head was underwater and so nothing looked right.

I was analyzing some data and apparently getting very significant results. Except, if you looked at the numbers regularly, there’s no way you’d expect them to be significant. They weren’t just 95% significant, they were like 99.99999999%. Yeah. Something isn’t right. But, 40 minutes later I was no closer to finding a solution. I eventually gave up.

I think I need to plan for this, since it happens with regularity. Maybe plan to follow these meetings with trips to the gym. Or meeting a friend for coffee/drinks. Or even relaxing with a book. Something that doesn’t require me to focus on my work for at least an hour afterwards. I think that’s probably all I need to give myself a chance to re-set and be ready to focus again.

Does this happen to you? I talked with one friend who said it happens to them and they like to follow these meetings with a walk. Another friend said they often walk out feeling like they need 10 drinks. So maybe it’s a common occurrence.


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