Even stressful weeks end

I’m really glad that it’s finally Friday. Mainly because I’ve been “off” on what day it is all week. That’s what happens when you start messing up your regular schedule and you have a holiday on a Monday. Ugh.

It’s constantly felt like it’s much later in the week then it is. This has been both good and bad. Good, because it turns out I had more time to get things done. And bad, because the week seemed to drag on forever and ever.

On the plus side, I did end up having a relatively productive week. I channeled some of my stress into my project and worked out the rest by hitting the gym. This is my second really high week for pomodoro numbers, so I think I need to figure out how to re-work the road on my graph, so that it comes up back close to where I am. Not much of a “threat” when I have a 1.5 week buffer. 🙂

However, if I can continue at this pace, I may just end up almost where I want to be. I’ll still be behind (because time is just something you can’t catch up on), but I can work towards not being as far behind. Which, at this point, I’ll take.

What I’d like to happen (and am working diligently towards happening) is that I’m ready to run my next experiment by the end of the semester (this includes having project code done and ethics submitted). I’d also like to have at least one paper ready to submit to a conference, finish running a few extra experiments for some more data, and an idea (hopefully good one) on where I want to proceed from here. I’m actually starting to see all of this as possible. Which is a bit of a weight off. And I still have just over two months after all.


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