Times I wish I wasn’t a grad student

The interesting thing about being on vacation with my family, is the different world view(s) it presents.

Between my parents (dad is retired, but consults full time, and mom stayed home once she had my oldest sister), my oldest sister (who’s married with two kids and is a stay-at-home mom), her husband (who works full time and has done super well with only a high school education), my other sister (works full-time but doing an online masters part-time) and myself (permanent grad student :P) we present people in many different stages of life.

So, listening to people talk, and knowing about their lives, it sometimes makes me wonder about what I’m doing and if I’m on the right path. Of course, then there’s the inevitable meltdowns (my niece and nephew are under 7) that makes me so glad I don’t have kids.

But, it does make you re-evaluate where you are in life and what you’re “missing” out on. Like a good salary. And your own house. And a car. And travel. And free time. 🙂 My sisters definitely live in a different “world” than I do, even if one is still in school.

On the other hand, because I’m a grad student (with no kids), I have few expenses, don’t need a car (although have access to one), get to travel to some neat places with most of it reimbursed (but sometimes no actual vacation time), and can schedule my “free” time when I want. I’m also “lucky” in that I currently am on a good scholarship (although nearing the end of that) and so am doing pretty well financially.

I think I’ve said before that my family is highly educated. Because of that, we are generally all quite opinionated. It can be interesting in discussions, but it can also be aggravating. It’s not that we have strongly differing opinions, just the way we express them and argue our points can be quite different. Sometimes it’s fun, and other times it becomes apparent people need their own space. And soon.

I also know, that conversations would be different if I wasn’t a grad student. I might be treated more as an adult. But, as I still currently don’t mind that I am a student, I’m mostly okay with that, for now. However, I also know that I’m getting closer to the point where I’ll be ready for the next step – whatever that may be.

Did your holidays give you a different view on life?


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