Sandy Hook Elementary

Sometimes, the news is just completely depressing. As it has been, since the terrible tragedy last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. This one hit a little closer to home, as one of my sisters (and her husband and kids) recently moved to Connecticut, and to a town very close to Newtown.

There are tons of news articles out there on the shooting. So many, that I’ve actually been limiting my news consumption because of it. Most of the articles are just rehashes of the previous ones and emotions are still (rightly) running so high over the whole thing.

On December 6th, at universities across Canada, there is often a noon-time event in remembrance of the École Polytechnique Massacre. This school shooting resulted in 14 deaths and new gun control laws across Canada. And it’s anniversary has become the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. (Which is interesting, in that, in the nine Decembers I’ve spent on University Campuses, I’ve only ever heard of the day in connection with the massacre, not as it’s official title.)

I wrote a post earlier this month about mental-health awareness, and I just can’t stress how important it is that we, as grad students, make sure that we are aware. That we’re aware of ourselves and of any other students we interact with, either as TAs, instructors or classmates. And that should we even think something might be wrong, that we reach out and say something or take some kind of action.


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