Mini vacations, stress, and massages

Just a short post today. (That apparently didn’t get properly scheduled :().

I spent this last weekend on a mini-vacation to celebrate my sister’s birthday. It was a lot of fun and I even picked up some new art to liven up my place. 🙂

However, I’m still finding that it wasn’t enough (probably too short) to get me completely relaxed and I think my back is one giant knot now. Even with keeping up on my exercise, it hasn’t been enough to combat the stress. So, looks like my next plan is to book a massage. A likely necessity, but also frustrating, mainly because while the grad health plan covers massage, it’s almost impossible to get a referral to one from the health center. And time wise, it generally ends up being ‘cheaper’ to just pay for it instead of spending all that time at the clinic.

I have to say, I really hate this time of year, and I’m not even taking courses. I think it’s mainly the combination of my research not being near where I wanted to be by this point and the holidays coming up, but the stress feels like it’s piling on.

However, I will continue with the best remedies – getting a good nights sleep, eating well, and exercising. (And adding in the massage to help loosen things up.) Also, looks like my campus is doing puppy therapy as well today. I’d consider stopping by, but most dogs actually scare me… (the downside of never growing up with pets).


2 thoughts on “Mini vacations, stress, and massages

  1. Massages are great! For a less expensive option, look up massage therapy schools in your area as some have requirements for their students to practice for a certain number of hours before they graduate. Some schools operate a massage clinic with reasonable prices while others are free. A close friend of mine is in school to be an RMT

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