Sometimes it’s just a crappy week

This week hasn’t been great. I suppose, in the grand scheme of things, it hasn’t been terrible either. It’s had it’s highs and lows, with unfortunately more lows then highs.

And the week started out on a high note, when the outcome of the Rob Ford case was announced. He’s the current Mayor of Toronto and has become a bit of a laughingstock across the country. I’m in agreement with those who think the punishment is a bit extreme for the scenario, but the law really doesn’t give any leeway for it to not have happened. But, we’ll see what ends up happening as I believe his case is being appealed next week…

I got new glasses this week – which is mostly a high, but a bit of low as well. I’ve worn glasses since middle school. I blame it on the fact that I love to read so much, and read constantly growing up. While everyone in my family has glasses, I’m the only one who wears them all the time, and was the youngest when I got my first pair. I’ve had my old frames for over 5 years now, so was ready for something new. And my eyes have been bugging me a lot recently, which usually means I need a new prescription. I finally went to the optometrist this week, and as of yesterday, am sporting my new pair. Of course, as with every new pair of frames and lenses, there’s an adjustment period. So by yesterday evening I had a full on headache. I’m hoping today, having started with the new pair, it’ll be headache free.

I haven’t been very productive. Not sure why. I’ve managed to get a few things done in short spurts. But I’ve really had problems just buckling down and working. So it’s been frustrating. And the more frustrated I get over it, the harder it seems to get going.

I’m stressed. I’m usually stressed (it is grad school after all), but right now I’ve been feeling particularly stressed. Which I’m sure is one of the things affecting my productivity. I’m not able to pin exactly what’s bothering me. But I have some thoughts. I’m hoping the meeting I have with my supervisor will help me sort through some of it. But, the hour often goes by too fast, so I’ll see what we manage to get through.

I’ve made it out to exercise a few times this week, still down from my normal amount, but at least working it’s way back up. And while my run went really well, my climbing session not so much. But I blame that on just my general mood this week.

I feel like everything is getting me down, and so I’ve let myself wallow in it a bit. But, it’s time to get out of my funk and get back to “joy of this time of year.” Note: I hate Christmas, and could definitely do without all Christmas music. It also doesn’t help that the weather decided to plunge to well below frigid this week (shiver) which makes me really really really not want to go outside. 

Next week will be better, right?


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