Replacing a student card

I’ve lost my student card. I had it last Friday, and as of Wednesday this week,when I first needed it, I haven’t been able to find it. Normally, I wouldn’t think this is a big deal. Just go replace it and move on. However, it turns out to be an expensive big deal at my university. Expensive enough, that I have taken the time to phone everywhere I’ve been since I last know I had it, to see if they’ve had it turned in or found it. None of them had.

It also turns out, that there are hidden fees to replacing your card that aren’t mentioned on the website. Like having to re-buy the bus pass for the semester! Seriously. It’s not like I could have lost one without the other, considering the two are attached. But, it’s a separate cost. I consider myself lucky that, while I rely on the bus for getting to campus, I can actually plan my schedule to require only one to two visits a week to campus and will be able to get buy on buying bus tickets for significantly less than replacing my bus pass. But it’s a cost I didn’t plan on having.

Also, the cost to replace my card is apparently not known in advance. Well, they know the range of the cost. I have no idea why there would be a range. It’s a freakin’ piece of plastic. There’s really nothing special about it.

When I looked up online about the cost of replacing, it mentions that the student cards aren’t used to make a profit, just to recoup the cost to create them. So the first card is included in your fees, and replacement cards are the amount needed to replace. Well, I call that bogus, because when I had to get a new card in August (my old one had expired) it took them only a couple of minutes to take my picture and print out a new card. Not sure how that could cost at least $20 to do.

When I started at this university, there use to be a reduced student price for bus tickets. This price, no longer exists. Which, normally would be a sad case, but, considering I currently don’t have a card, I wouldn’t be able to get the student price if it did exist.

How has not having a card affected my life? Well, it’s making me re-think events I might have jumped at. There’s a talk this weekend on campus with student pricing. However, student pricing requires showing a student card. I might go meet friends for lunch or head to campus to do some extra tasks. Except each additional trip now costs me about $5 (give or take a little) in bus tickets. Not so cheap.

Of course, you’re probably wondering why I don’t  have a replacement card yet. Well, because when I reported that I had lost it (the site says to do so within 24 hours of realizing it’s missing), I was informed that I should wait 1-2 weeks before doing anything about it. So, I’m going to try again early next week and see if, by any fluke of a chance, my card got turned in, or mailed in, or somehow delivered to campus security. Otherwise, next Wednesday (my next planned visit to campus) will be the day I bite the bullet and find out how much my replacement card will actually cost.


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