Computer, please live

So, I’m writing this while I’m at a conference, which is part of the reason it’s short. It’s also short, because the day before I left for the conference, my laptop starting acting very funny. Flashing horizontal strips of the screen. A frozen display (except for the mouse). Not good signs that my laptop is enjoying good health.

Then, the night before I presented, it did all of this again. And even re-starting didn’t completely fix the issue. So, now, I think I’m just in a waiting game to see how long the laptop lives. It (thankfully) made it through the presentation, so at least if it dies now, I’m not screwed for the presentation. Although, I’m in comp sci – so I did the smart thing and immediately saved my presentation to a usb stick (my awesome Wicket one), knowing that there would be lots of others with laptops who would be sure to let me use theirs if needed.

Anyway, as I didn’t manage to prepare posts ahead of time (except for Monday’s), you’re getting this, with the cavet that there might be nothing on Friday if my laptop is still acting up. Today seems to be a good day, but since I don’t know what’s going on, who knows what tomorrow will bring. In the meantime, I’m going to need to cost out what a possible repair might be (some quick searching indicates a possible faulty graphics card) and if that’s worthwhile versus replacing it. 😦 Which would be sad.

Hope the rest of you are having a great week and suffering fewer computer problems. 🙂


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