Conference calls and emails

Being sick sucks. And this flu seems to be draining every single bit of energy I have. 😦 On the plus (?) side, I’ve caught up with a lot of TV shows on Netflix and also watched a few documentaries as well.

I’m finally able to actually get some work done. No research yet, which sucks, but that requires more energy and concentration than I’ve been able to put together. Instead, I’ve focused on things that got pushed aside or forgotten between the summer and my recent vacations. Which means responding to a lot of emails. And writing ones that need to get sent.

I also had a conference call I needed to sit in on, and was thankful I could do so from home. Putting my phone on mute, meant that no one had to listen as I blew my nose or got up to make some hot chocolate. While I didn’t have much to add to the conversation (good thing, as I sound really hoarse), it was still worth calling in so that I was kept up to date on what’s going on.

I’ve sorted out my hotel and airfare for the conference. The hotel was slightly cheaper than I was expecting, but still more than the conference rate. And the airfare ended up being 8 cents (yeah, that’s right 8 cents) cheaper to book on the United site instead of through Air Canada (flights were going to end up be on United either way). Also, with booking on the United site, I was able to select seats (not that there was much choice) and will be able to check in online.

I’ve actually managed to get enough work done over the past couple of days that I could say I was somewhat productive. Which is an improvement over the rest of last week (minus attending meetings then). Today I actually need to manage to pull it together enough to go to campus and attend an in person meeting. I know it’ll be draining but I’ll make it through.

At this point, I’m ready for my flu to finally disappear and be able to get back to work. Watching Netflix and sleeping gets boring after a while. And that while passed a couple of days ago.


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