Whoops missed deadlines

The problem with vacations, is when you really take them you may end up missing important deadlines. Today, I realized that I’ve missed, by about a week, a deadline for booking a hotel for the conference. For the 5 nights, the new price costs about $200 more. Yikes. I’ve sent them an email and hope that they’ll be lenient and let me have the original price.

But, this incident is a good reminder that it’s not usually a great idea to completely disconnect on vacation. That’s not to say that I think you should spend your vacation working or checking your email compulsively. But that you should make a point to check on deadlines of stuff coming up before you leave on vacation and that if you are checking your email, make sure to pay enough attention that anything important doesn’t get passed over.

I’m still busy trying to catch up on the emails I set aside over vacation. I was thankful for all the ones I could delete immediately without much thought (like those ones about presentations that happened while I was gone). However, I have other ones that require more attention that a 30 second reply, new ones that I need to send out asap, and more that are appearing each day.

I know I really just need to sit down and go through them until done but whatever I’m coming down with is really taking all of my energy with it. So instead, I’ve been focusing on making it through my meetings, responding to the super urget emails, and getting lots of rest. With the amount of stuff on my plate that has to be done before my next trip, I really can’t afford to take too much more time off.



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