Eek – sorry for no post today

Yesterday was spent travelling as my vacation is over. 😦 And between no internet access at the airports and not getting home until late, I didn’t have time to write a post for today. On top of that, as normal (for me), I woke up this morning all stuffed up. I really really hope I’m not getting sick and it goes away quickly. I’ll have a regular post for Friday.


2 thoughts on “Eek – sorry for no post today

  1. You mean you don’t publish a week of blog posts in advance like I do to provide the illusion of posting on a semi-regular schedule? ^_^

    I’m awfully sorry to hear that you’re sick, though. When I get under the weather, I imagine it’s my body is yelling at me for killing it through four to eight more years of University. 😀

    • I seem to, without fail, get sick after every single vacation. 😦 I think it’s because I finally start to completely relax and the bugs have a chance to take over. Normally I’m wound to tight. 😛

      I’ve tried in the past to actually have blog posts written in advance for vacations just for that reason. But this time, between everything I had going on in the weeks leading up to my vacation I just didn’t have time. I’m hoping to finally get back on track soon.

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