Fall Semester Goals/Hopes

Every semester (4 months) as the University goes through big changes (students starting new classes, leaving campus, etc) I like to re-evaluate where I am, what I’ve been doing, and any changes I want to make.

This time, it’s been nice to be able to look back over the summer (and not that far back :P) and realize that I did meet my biggest goal of getting my candidacy done. And the whole thing – from writing, the wait, and the exam – all happened over the summer. So that’s a big item to check off my list. Other things I’ve done this summer:

  • went to a conference in May
  • submitted a paper that will be published this fall
  • supervised summer students
  • attended another few days of meetings in June
  • got a lot of art/models created
  • made a lot of progress on my research

However, as much progress as I made on my research, I haven’t managed to meet one of my goals, of having a specific part of my research finished by the end of the summer. i don’t think I’m very far away – probably only a couple weeks, unless we add to the list. But, with my vacation right now, it’s going to be a while before I have any significant time to sit down and work on it.

For this fall, I have a few research specific goals I’d like to meet:

  1. Finish my summer work
  2. Get more participants for my earlier experiments
  3. Write and submit a paper on the above results
  4. Get ethics approval and design my study (if not start it) for the work I’m currently finishing
  5. Complete one of my 3 seminars

I know all of the above are do-able. But I also know that they’re going to require work. And I’m going to need to be focused. I’m hoping that knowing when I get back that I only have a set amount of time before I’m off again (for a conference) will help me focus heavily during that time. I’d like to have the first and last on that list done before the conference. And hopefully be doing something with #2 as well.

Do you have anything big you want to get done over the next few weeks?


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