Candidacy Preparation

The next big thing on my to do list is getting ready for my candidacy, as it’s in about a week. Eek! I have three tasks that I need to complete in order to feel “ready.” Of course, one (or more) of these tasks may add to this list. But hopefully it won’t grow too much.

  1. Prepare presentation. At the start of my candidacy, I’m expected to give a short (~20 minutes) presentation. (Side note – I had a laugh with some of the high school students that a 20 minute presentation is now  “short” when in high school 5 minutes is long.) This will probably end up being tough to prepare, because I have to cover what I’ve done over the last couple of years, as well as the plans for what I want to do over the coming years until I’m done. It’s a lot of information, and not much time. I’m mainly going to skip out on going in much depth into any of the results – they’re all in the candidacy document anyway.
    My goal is to finish this presentation in the next week, and practice it at next week’s research meeting to get any final feedback on it.
  2. Meet with my supervisor. I realized today that I don’t have a planned meeting with my supervisor before my candidacy. And I haven’t talked with him about my research in about a month – because he’s been on vacation. Yikes. He’s also swamped right now, so we may or may not be able to even schedule in a meeting before it. But I’m hoping we can. Even if it’s just a few minutes after the general research meeting next week. I don’t have any specific questions (at the time) for him, but it feels like something I should do.
  3. Re-read my candidacy document. Re-reading past papers and other documents is always scary, because you know you’re going to find errors within. But, I need to refresh myself on what I wrote and how I phrased things. I need to use the same terminology in the candidacy so that we’re all on the same page. The good thing, is my document is on the shorter side – about 30 pages, so it shouldn’t take too long.

Possibly (probably?) after my practice presentation next week I’ll have a couple more things to add. But I’m going to see what happens. And try not to stress about it.

And the stress thing is kind of odd. It’s really not that far away, and yet I’m not at all stressed about it right now. I’m not worried. I’m just kind of blasé. Which is weird. And not me. So either I’m growing up (:P), becoming more confident, or I’m in an alternate universe. But it’s odd. Before my master’s defence I was freaking out. However, I’m not going to think about it too carefully, because a few more days with less stress is a good thing, not a bad thing.


One thought on “Candidacy Preparation

  1. I’m right there with you. I’m approaching my orals soon which is my last step to candidacy. I freaked out about it for a long time and suddenly, I’m just sort of laid back about it. I wondered “have I lost my mind?” But I’ve settled for, “No, I’ve just grown more confident in expressing what I know.” Good for you!

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