Ugh computer problems

I actually had plans to write a post for today about actual grad school stuff. Honest. I did. And if I can remember what I was going to write about, I’ll do so on Friday.

Instead, I spent most of today worrying and dealing with my computer. I noticed the last couple of days, that when I’d show up on campus (or home again) with my computer, it had died. But it was odd, because I’d plug it in, and it would say the battery was at 98% charged. Yet the computer had to be forced to start, and the date would be reset back to december some year ago, and it’d tell me it was 6pm when it was 8:30am and so on. And then, of course, my programs would all freak out because the date was wrong, but they were automatically re-launching before the computer had a chance to connect to the internet and reset the date.

So yesterday morning, when it happened again, I spent part of the morning trying to figure out what the problem was. First, I thought I might need to reset something on the computer, as some posts I came across suggested. But then I noticed that my battery had a warning “Replace now.” Back at the end of April, I had a “Replace soon” warning, and I went by Apple and they replaced it. So this “Replace now” was shocking. It had been less than 3 months since they replaced the battery. It should be good for years. But, I dutifully booked an appointment with the genius bar (a bar that would be a lot more genius if it actually served drinks). And then I tried to go about my work. 

A while later, I needed to show someone something, so I decided to unplug it. It has 98% battery, it should last for a few minutes. Nope. It died. Instantly. It was like pulling the plug on a desktop computer. No power. No computer. Whoops. At least I learned a new lesson to tell the Apple guys.

I ended up leaving campus a little early so I’d have time to back it up before taking it in. (You never know what will happen, and I didn’t want to lose 2 days of work.)

The appointment itself was aggravating. First, I showed up about 15 minutes before hand, to be told they were running 10-15 minutes late and I should come back at my scheduled time. So I left, wandered a little, and then went back. I then sat there for 30+ minutes before I finally got help. And, when the guy helped me, and I told him that yes, I had scheduled an appointment, and it should’ve been 30 minutes ago, he seemed surprised. So somehow, being on the schedule doesn’t seem to mean anything. 😦 😦 😦 Also, this guy apologized to everyone else for the wait they had, but didn’t to me.

I told him the problem, he tried to turn it on, and it decided it wouldn’t. So he took it to the back to open it up. He came back out a few minutes later to tell me the battery had blown. No kidding. I knew when I came in that there were problems with the battery. Apparently the problems had escalated to the computer not even realizing there was a battery there. Next, he had me sign paperwork, and then said he’d just swap the battery. Now, the computer was already back there and apparently opened up. Somehow, it still took about 15-20 minutes to swap the battery. I have no clue what they were doing – except that my computer was not a priority. 😦 I finally walked out of there 1.5 hours after initially walking in. And all I needed was a battery changed.

But. My computer works again. And as a laptop. And, my AppleCare runs out in about a week. So just in time. Although, when they replace a part, you get a 90 day warranty on that part. So my battery is covered for a little while longer. Which is good, because the guy said I must have set a record on the battery, because he’s never seen one die so quickly. And the battery only had 30 recorded cycles on it! So it was still brand new.

Now, I’m much farther behind in work than I planned, since I spent so much time on my computer yesterday. 😦 So I’ve got to catch up today. And probably this weekend. 😦


One thought on “Ugh computer problems

  1. I have two computers – 4-year-old (the one I’m using now) has a battery that lasts about 15 minutes or so, but 7-year-old’s BIOS is convinced that there is no battery present at all. I just got a “new” computer from my campus surplus sale ($20, baby!), so I’m going to start using it and put 4-year-old on travel duty.

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